rune [ro͞on]
[ME roun < OE run, secret, mystery, runic character; readopted in the 17th c. in form of ON rūn: both < IE echoic base * reu-, hoarse sound, roar, grumble > Welsh rhin, secret, L raucus, hoarse; in RUNE sense 3a < Finn runo, poem, canto < ON rūn]
1. any of the characters of an alphabet (futhark) probably derived from a Greek script and used by the Scandinavians and other early Germanic peoples from about A.D. 300
2. [often pl.] something inscribed or written in such characters
a) a Finnish or Old Norse poem or canto
b) Old Poet. any poem, verse, or song, esp. one that is mystical or obscure

English World dictionary. . 2014.

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